About Me

Welcome to my official website. I am thrilled and flattered that you enjoyed my book so much that you decided to check out my website. When I first wrote Lucien's Mate, I had no idea that people around the world would be reading it. Lucien's Mate has been read on every inhabitable continent and in places I've never heard of! (Yes, I had to look on a map to discover these wonderful new countries.)

Right about now, you're probably wondering when I'm going to tell you something about me. You would think that, as an author, I would have a fabulous biography. But my life is fairly plain and that's one of the reasons I write. I bet you're the same way, which is why you like to escape into a book.

So here are the stats: I'm married to a wonderful man (18 years and counting) and I have two adorable children. Currently I'm a Stay at Home Mom who writes on the side.  I hope to write full time. Thank you for making this a possibility.


Last updated 1.18.24