Summer Haven Series

Hot days, even hotter nights.

Welcome to Summer Haven.

Summer Haven is a small (fictional) town in sunny Florida.

When I wrote Wait for Me, I knew I wanted to make the setting somewhere in the South. I made the mistake of making it too vague. It was a small town, with no name, no real location. But that wasn't as important to me as the characters. It was my first foray into Contemporary Romance and I really enjoyed creating Tommy and Anjali.

Stay with Me is different. I wanted to readers to feel grounded in my little town but I didn't want to scare them away with sweltering heat and annoying mosquitoes. I tried to capture the feeling of central Florida. Did I pass or did I fail? I suppose you'll let me know either way.

I've learned a lot in the last few years. One mistake I made was in “hopping around” and not completing a series. So I'm going to write a few more books in the Summer Haven series. When this series is finished, I plan on going back and working on the Wolf Secrets Series.

If you like plenty of heat, I hope you'll check out my Summer Haven Series.

Currently this series is only on Amazon and is available for FREE to KU subscribers.

Once the series is complete and my contract term with Amazon is over, the series will be available everywhere my  Soul Mates Series are sold.


Wait for Me
Stay With Me