CYOEA: Lillian’s Choice

Choose your Own Erotic Adventure: Lillian's Choice

Do you remember reading Choose Your Own Adventure stories when you were a child? Did you ever wonder how it would be different if it was an Adult version? Wonder no more. Innovative Erotica author Diana Persaud brings you Lillian’s Choice, an Adult version of the Choose Your Own Adventure series. (Note: This is a work in progress.)

Unlike the children’s stories, this story doesn’t happen to you, dear reader. In Lillian’s Choice, things happen to Lillian. Follow Lillian as she is forced to choose between the werewolf she loves and a manipulative vampire who threatens the safety of her family.

Whom will she choose?

Ultimately, it is up to YOU, dear reader to guide her. Will your choice bring love, happiness and satisfying sex for Lillian or will she meet a devastating end?

The choice is yours….