The Choice

“You have a choice to make, Lillian. Whom will you choose?” He was impatient and angry. Usually that combination ended in widespread bloodshed.

How the hell was she supposed to choose anyway? She wanted Adam, the kind werewolf she had been in love with since she was fifteen. For years she yearned for him. Days before her eighteenth birthday, Adam had suddenly left town. Then, after seven years, out of the blue, he had returned to their small town. She stared openly at Adam, eyes roving over his body in feminine appreciation.

His tall, thin boy’s frame had filled out considerably. Now he had a man’s body, fully mature with bulging muscles she ached to touch. His white tee shirt clung to his body, emphasizing his muscular chest. His formfitting blue jeans rode low on his hips, just waiting for her to unbutton them and slide them down. She forced her eyes back up to his face. His shoulder length sandy blond hair was the perfect length. She could imagine gliding her fingers through it while having an orgasm.


Adam’s blue eyes darkened as he scented her arousal. He growled in response to her enticing scent. IF she chose him, he would fuck her right here in the forest, as he had planned on doing before they were interrupted.

“Enough!” Kade shouted, barely controlling his rage.

“Make your choice, Lillian. It is late and I grow tired of waiting.” He was seething now. His body stood rigid, his fists clenched tight enough to draw blood as his nails dug into his palms. Her blatant desire for the werewolf angered him.

Lillian turned to Kade, studying him as he watched her carefully. His handsome but pale face was a mask, giving away no sign of his anger or impatience. His blue eyes darkened with emotion she could not decipher. Though a gentle breeze blew through the forest, not a single hair was out of place. He was immaculate in his tailored black suit. Perfect. Exactly the opposite of Adam.

He was also a vampire.

“I don’t understand why I must choose now. Can’t I have some time to think about this? I can make a decision and let you know tomorrow night.”

“If I had not interrupted your date tonight, you would have fucked him. I will NOT share you with him. Make your choice, Lillian. Remember, if you choose him, I will feed upon every female in your town, including your younger sisters. If you choose me, I will leave your people alone. I will satisfy my hunger with you and only you.”

Lillian turned around slowly, looking at the forest around her. She heard an owl hooting nearby then absolute silence. Even the forest creatures awaited her answer. Taking a deep breath, she turned to Kade.

I choose Adam.”  (for some reason this link is not working. Try again later.)

I choose you.”

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