Last Hope Wolf Pack

Dominant Males with Fur who will do anything for their Mates. What's not to love?

One hot August night in 2013, my children and I were camping out in the living room. When they fell asleep on the air mattress, I was wide awake. A vision of Lanie and Lucien in the restaurant kept tormenting me. So I decided to write and get it out of my system.

I brought out my Dell laptop and started typing in word. I stayed up all night typing. That would be the first of many late nights at my laptop.

Originally I was going to call it The Thrill of the Chase. When I was finished writing it, I knew I wanted to write more. I actually wrote a little bit of Zane's story.  In the middle of Zane's story (Unwanted Mate), I had a brilliant idea for Nicolai's story. So I started writing Lover's Delight.

Then I remembered Kane.

He desperately needed a mate. So I finished his story next. Stubborn Mate was the second story I finished. I desperately wanted to publish it, but I knew I had to finish Zane's story (Unwanted Mate) and Nicolai's story (Lover's Delight).

As you can see, I tend to write out of order.

Right now, I'm working on a contemporary romance series, Summer Haven. Once those books are finished, I'm going to return to my wolves and work on Wolf Secrets.

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