Abandoned Mate Soul Mates Book 5

AM 2017

At last, he finds his mate…

Alpha Werewolf Rylan is thrilled to finally find his mate. He is crushed when he soon discovers she is married with children. Placing her happiness above his own, he lets her go and accepts that he will have to spend the rest of his life alone, unloved and unmated. Afraid Rylan will become Feral and hunt down his mate, Ethan, Alpha of the Second Chances Werewolf Pack, imprisons him.

…then he meets widowed Evie and her three young children.

Still grieving over her mate’s tragic demise, Evie sympathizes with Rylan’s broken heart. Evie’s companionship and her delightful children soon begin to ease Rylan’s heartache. Finding a ray of hope in Evie’s friendship, Rylan returns to his human form. No longer in danger of becoming Feral, Rylan is freed from his prison.

…and learns a shocking secret: humans are hunting Werewolves.

Rylan and Evie learn about Kane’s kidnapping and the implants found in his body. Realizing these same people might be responsible for her mate’s death, Evie’s father, Ethan, worries about her safety. Indebted to Evie for saving his life, Rylan decides to return the favor by protecting her family from the humans hunting their kind. Unfortunately, Rylan’s presence in Evie’s life draws the attention of the Trapper, the one responsible for her mate's demise.


Can Rylan thwart a devious enemy intent on destroying their way of life?


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