CYOEA Directions

How to read this book.
*Remember, this is a work in progress, not the whole book!
1. DO NOT read this book straight through.

2. Begin with the first chapter, The Choice

3. At the end of The Choice, you will have to select one of the options. Click on one of those options. You will be taken to that page.

4. Continue reading. When you reach the end of that section, you will be given another choice. Again, choose one option and click on it.

5. Repeat step 4.

NOTE: IF you made a mistake, at the very top of the page, click on “Oops..” and it will return you to the beginning of your previous section. You will have to scroll through a few pages to return to the choices.

IF you reach an “end” for Lillian, you have the choice of returning to the beginning or skipping to the very end, to the “About the Author” section.

Depending on the options you choose, you can read this book several times and it will be a different story or outcome each time.