Excerpt: Unwanted Mate

Chapter One

She stared at him in shock.

Anyone but him. Please, let this be a dream!

She shook her head in disbelief. At five foot nine, he was shorter and leaner than all of the male wolves in her pack. He wore a black leather jacket over a tee shirt tucked into well worn blue jeans. The red tee shirt emphasized his muscular chest and flat stomach. His short blond hair was in disarray, as if he had worriedly run his hands through it several times.

For the last six months, he had worried daily about what the Last Hope pack would do to him once they found him. How would they punish him? In his old pack, death would have been instantaneous. Never would he have been given a chance to defend himself. This Alpha seemed interested in the truth. Lucien and his soldiers had questioned him thoroughly, without inflicting any pain. Then they had brought in the woman and suddenly he knew real fear.

His brown eyes stared back at her, seeming to be in shock as well. He looked at the pretty woman with shoulder length brown hair and mesmerizing blue eyes. Since she was only a few inches shorter than he was, he could look directly into her eyes. He didn’t miss the horror and disgust reflected in her eyes, the way her full lips pressed together in anger.

“He already confessed to killing your brother. Claims it was self defense, that Sean
attacked him first,” Lucien said quietly.

Lucien, her Alpha, leader of the Last Hope Werewolf Pack, studied her reaction. Then he looked at the wolf who was handcuffed and standing between two of his soldiers, Nicolai and Kane. He noted the way the wolf had suddenly tensed after seeing Jackie.

“Jackie? Do you know this wolf?” 

Jackie shook her head in denial. The man handcuffed before her was a member of the Lost Souls pack. They were the enemy. She had never seen him before in her life.

“Zane? Do you recognize her?” Lucien asked.

After a moment, Zane nodded.

“She’s my mate.”

There. He said it. And she would never forgive him.