Tempting the Tiger

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Shot and left for dead, a tiger shifter wakes up in the hospital with amnesia. Unable to abandon the tiger shifter that once rejected her, Leilani Deville takes Nero under her care, hoping he’ll remember what he is and more importantly, who shot him and why.

But Nero is less interested in finding out who shot him and more interested in the pretty brunette who appears at the hospital to claim him. With only a memory of their kiss, Nero is determined to recover his memory and vows to keep Leilani by his side.

Unfortunately, a Lion Alpha, a Master Vampire and his unknown assailant have other plans for Nero, and none of them include Leilani.

Tempting the Tiger

Tiger shifters, Lion shifters, and Vampires galore!

An amnesiac Tiger Shifter has to solve the mystery of his attempted murder. Was it the Lion shifter, a Master Vampire…or someone else?


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