Trusting the Wolf

When Lily Deville rushes to The Cascades to beg Alpha wolves for protection, the last thing she expects is to be claimed by an Alpha wolf. Betrayed at an early age by loved ones, Lily struggles with trusting him to protect her from a Master Vampire.

Finn, the new Alpha of the Clodpoll Pack, is in for the fight of his life. Not only must he keep his pack, he must convince Lily to be his mate, all while keeping her safe from Kazimir Dracul.

Relentless and vicious in his pursuit, Master Vampire Kazimir Dracul will stop at nothing to make Lily his bride. Finn is the only thing standing in his way, but that is exactly why Lily refuses Finn’s claim. Somehow, Finn must convince Lily to trust in him—and his wolf—to keep her safe.

Trusting the Wolf

A sexy novel featuring Alpha Wolves, Tiger Shifters and a Master Vampire.

Check out the Alpha Wolf and his vulnerable mate, Lily Deville.

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