Alpha Mates

1 Seduced by the Wolf 200x300

An Alpha wolf suffering with agonizing lust for nearly a decade…

I’ve wanted Ramee for nine long years. Once she came of age, I decided to take my time seducing her.

Everything was going according to plan until she was forced to help a newly turned wolf.

Now Rafael wants my mate and I’m forced to stake my claim.

Ramee isn’t ready, but time is running out. I need to make her mine before she learns the devastating truth about the wolf that murdered her family….


An alpha wolf with a one track mind…

Alpha wolf Ivan Kozlov has only one thing on his mind. Claiming his mate. He is going to make damn sure Erin understands what his mark means.

That she belongs to him.

Body and soul.

When the dangerous man who saved her life struts into her hospital room, Detective Erin Mallory is shocked to learn she’s now a wolf. Even more shocking? Ivan intends to keep her bound to him…forever.


2 Bound by the Wolf 200x300
3 Ravished by the Wolf 200x300

Sasha is more than I ever hoped for.

But she wants to stay with her pack.

I’m an alpha. To stay means submitting to another male.

Not gonna happen.

I’m going to convince her to leave, one sensuous touch at a time.

And if she doesn't agree? I'll have to remind her who's really in charge.


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